The Family Smith

The Family Smith

While on the NC500 I experienced a problem with selecting neutral on my aged BMW. Thinking it may be a lack of gearbox oil, due to a minor oil leak, I rang here just on the off-chance they could drop what they were doing and provide me with the correct sized Allen key. This Colin did without hesitation and confirmed the problem was, in fact, clutch adjustment. He rectified this in minutes and wouldn’t even charge me for the work he’d done! What friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, genuine people. Being of a certain age, I did have a brief chat about the impressive array of classic bikes they had – as well as an in-depth discussion about 1995 BMW gearboxes! I can’t thank Colin and his team enough for sorting my problem & allowing me to finish the NC500. If you’re ever looking for someone who knows what they’re talking about on classic bikes in The Highlands, this is the place to go. Good on yer L.N.R………

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